24 November 2008

Childhood Memories?

What is a childhood memory that warms your heart?
Go on. Think about it. What comes to mind that brings a smile to your lips or a lightness to your thoughts? I hope there's something.

I'm blessed by having too many to choose from, but one involves drawers. You know, the kind where you grab the handle and pull it out.

In both grandparents' houses there was a drawer to which I had access.
In my paternal grandparents' house the drawer had games and books . . . things we could access without asking for permission, unless a large number of adults were arriving imminently and the house was to be tidy. The drawer was on the far wall of the living room, dark wood and at the bottom, under some bookshelves.

In my maternal grandparents' house it was a large drawer in the kitchen, below and to the left of the over, a lighter wood with a black handle. This drawer had grandpa's snacks in it, the ones granny put in his dinner pail. It wasn't really a pail, but it wasn't a box either. Don't know why they called it that. As long as there was at least one thing to add to grandpa's lunch, I could have some snacks too. Often it was grandpa who sent me to the snack drawer for a Fig Newton or some Oreos.

We always had snacks on our fishing trips too. Squirt to drink, rubber worms with which to bait our hooks, and strawberries for dessert! He or she who caught the largest fish got the biggest strawberry. Grandpa and I would clean the berries while granny fried the fish. It was a big deal if grandpa left a bone in the fish while we filleted them! My brother has the fillet knife now.

Memories ought to be remembered. If you don't have a good supply of happy memories, make a few with some of your favourite kids. Borrow the kid if you have to. I do.


chero said...

Childhood memories...

At my grandmothers house she would have chocolate chip cookies frozen and stored in Tupperware containers waiting for me to visit.

As I walked in the door after school, my mother would have warm butterscotch pudding in pink melmac bowls waiting for me.

Eating at my other grandmother's house which we rarely visited. She would deep fry tenderloins on the back porch serving them with fresh cut french fries and lots of salt.

Do you see a theme here? Memories=Warm food!!

jane said...

One of my favourite childhood memories . . . I could always find a stick of Juicy Fruit gum in the pocket of my grandfather's overcoat, which was always hanging in the closet off the living room. I never actually saw him wear that coat and learned years later that he only kept it because it had pockets just the right size for me to reach in. That coat was always supplied with gum in anticipation of my visits.

A said...

nice post!