12 October 2008

"Words are shadows of ideas . . ."

In his struggle to express himself, Sam writes,

. . The hangover passed, in the slow manner it does now I am thirty, and my resolve to find a way to free up written expression returned. Another week past and after another night drinking I was again in front of my laptop with emotion swirling around me like smoke; my soul capturing the feelings and searching for a way to express it despite my incapacity to form sentences. The jazz returned.

This time I was compelled not just to express sounds but words interspersed with keyboard crashes that in the night sounded like hits from a full symphonic orchestra.

Life ‘oh[suohgd shared ;dfuaasidshu now sduo;fhf ever present fsfsgh questions ;sdf;gf meaning in everything f;udg;suh or nothing lsdfbeu;fh alone together alone lsdhufglseifulsfdfu;sh life

The cold morning again reminded me the feeling behind the expression wasn’t apparent at all and I needed a new approach.

In my cerebral way, I began to think about the issue. Expressing an idea in writing requires a precision of mind that constrains expression. Writing is imprisoned like pre-impressionist painting in a rigid form of realism, syntax and tense. I want to aspirate this form to explore expressions with words in other ways, to try to distil down principles of written communication.

Words are shadows of ideas, when we create sentences we have objects and subjects and verbs, we blend sounds, shifting shallow symphonies of assonance and alliteration. I want to destroy these relationships. I want to break the bonds of sentences. I want to be free.

Then it hit me.

Written language is a way of describing ideas, of thoughts, and the internet has opened up myriad of ways of describing this very same thing. Indeed this post on pellacor is described by its tags.

My new form of expression is a combination of poetry and tags, I call it tagetry.

A tagem about tagetry
Short, simple, sense, self, words, writing, free
Meaning, meta, myriad, morning, glow, pride, people
Liquid, changing, waving, wonder, never, none, all, even
Needing, frank, forever, stopping, exquisite, ideal, idea, identity
Glue, path, vision, vixen, parish, harbour, haven
Ending, broken, bramble, colour, complete

Ending the constraints of written expression - aka free form jazz

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