04 October 2008

Old Books: Art we might not have considered

I like tea parties, but I cannot imagine doing this to a much loved book. Maybe this is what those huge book fairs are for!? You buy books by the banana box and then you make works of art out of them! Not quite what the author had in mind. Part of the reason I've yet to write a book.

I had thought I'd want to be a National Geographic writer & photographer until I saw how many of those yellow edged beauties ended up in garage sales for 5 cents each. And newspapers! Hoped to write for the Op/Ed page someday. You know where those end up? Lining bird cages and assisting with puppy potty training!

I'm thinking the chair pictured below could be an actual book shelf of sorts, maybe with a way to take out and replace books? No . . . not after they've been sat upon for extended periods of time.

I've made book shelves with stacks of books holding up the slats of wood.

Go to Dark Roasted Blend for more ideas and be amazed at what people have done with books.
And there I was thinking they were supposed to be read.

Other things to do with your old books:

Donate them to Books Through Bars to be given to inmates who have time and might have a dream for something different. Find a program near you by clicking on the Books Through Bars map.

If all else fails, put your books outside and advertise them on Craiglist.org under "free" or on Freecycle.org - they'll be gone before you can blink. Auckland Freecycle

Another option is to register your book with BookCrossing.com. Just visit the site, register your book and print out a label to stick inside the book. Then, send it out into the world by leaving it on a park bench, donating it to charity or giving it to a friend. If someone comes across your book, they can visit the site and let you know where it ended up!

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