07 October 2008

In Singapore, briefly.

Just arrived in Singapore after having a night stretched out across three seats. Ahhh . . . nearly as good as it gets. The best really was when I flew from LA to Auckland in Air New Zealand's Business Class in '06, but I had to have had my appendix out to get that upgrade and it's the sorts thing you can really only do once. Well, I only had one appendix, didn't I!?

I brag on Air NZ for it's good service and excellent attention to detail in electronic entertainment systems and great cups of tea. Singapore Airline is another favourite.

The airport here is amazing too. Love the orchids! Free internet kiosks! There used to be an A & W Root Beer stand here. I'm off to find it. I'm only in the transit lounge as I'll go on to Bangkok shortly. If only I had to spend 8+ hours in THIS airport instead of Bangkok!

Anyway, I'm on an adventure so no whining allowed!

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Rachael said...

Goodness - I just texted you goodbye last night and there you are again at lunchtime today! But as you know, I can't comment on your blog from work, so I'm back home again now. Glad to hear your first flight was good - hope the rest of the travel goes well to. Big storm in Auckland this afternoon, good thing your flight was earlier today rather than tomorrow! xox

Sonia said...

Hey. Hope the pants and socks went well...I say nothing more! Go well on your adventures.

Jill said...

Felt like a nerd most of the journey. Bought a nice lavender top in Bangkok that jazzed my look up quite a bit!

Sonia said...

Nerd never....its called having a unique style!! Those pants Rock!!

L.L. Barkat said...

No, no, no! No whining allowed. (I'm with you on that one. : )