09 October 2008

Caching at Tiger Cave Temple

I may very well be looking for a cache like this today. After you read this, you may wonder why I don't just stay on the beach with my book.

Hike of 1237 steps up to the top of Tiger Cave Temple

No problem to get to the base of the temple.

You can drive there by car or motorbike.

Then you must climb 1237 steps up to the top.

Be careful as the monkeys are known to steal things.

They've been known to steal cell phones and removed the batteries.

The cache is a film container containing magnetic and log book.

Bring a pen.

The Additional Hint, in case things get too hard, is : In pipe above eye level

Another option is in Ao Nang, the Seashell.

The others in the area are
1 Temtation-island GCG05A
2 Railei – Tonsai GCXJHT
3 Thailand's Merry M Cache GC10FVX
4 Groovy GC176YR
5 View of Ao Nang GC1945A
For some of these I'll take a long boat out to islands.
Locals will think I'm crazy!

Geocaching - Thai map.

There are a few in India too. One at the Taj Mahal. Another on St Thomas' Mount in Chennai. While it is not the reason for travel, it is a fun sideline on the journey and often takes me places I wouldn't have known to go.

If you wanna find me on a map, I'll be in the vicinity of: N 08° 02.571 E 098° 48.621.


Sonia said...

Ahh....now thats caching!! I look forward to the pics... and hearing the stories around these ones!! Go well in that adventure. Or should I say.. "go the cache dance"!!

Quote Collector said...

"The world is a book and the person who stays at home reads but one page."--William Shakespeare

My daughter, who is a "Travelin' Girl", sent me the quote.