01 September 2008

Travel Challenge: 1 Bag

Years ago my dad spoke of the ease of getting on a plane with a garment bag, hanging it near the front door, enjoying his flight and then disembarking without joining the stampede to the luggage carousel.

There's a shift back to that approach as some airlines begin to charge for all luggage.
Wonder if I can do it? It'll be a challenge.

The next trip I'm going on is both personal and professional.
Where I'm going I can buy almost anything I'd need, including clothes to make me not look so foreign. Can I minimise gadgetry, maximise utility and pack everything in one bag that might even fit in an overhead compartment on a plane? Doubtful cause I usually take books and journals galore, but it'll be fun to see how compact I can go.

I'll keep you posted.
Check out One Bag for tips.

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