20 September 2008

Prayer: the wood knows his voice.

While I've benefited from my time in Linette Martin's writing, I found this quote on In The Life of a Busy Woman

"...God Incarnate is God on ground level, and if we can move towards him, he can
move towards us. That is worrying, because we would often prefer to be left
alone. It is splendid to have a God we can talk to whenever we wish, but it is
highly inconvenient to have one who is free to walk into our lives and rearrange
them whenever he chooses. We could bolt the door and huddle nearer to our fire,
but since a personal God is everywhere, there is nowhere to hide. He made the
wood which made the door; it knows his voice. The close domesticity of the
Creator is precisely one of the fearful things about him. Maybe only in heaven
will familiarity and awe be resolved."
Linette Martin Practical Praying

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