10 September 2008

Kiwi band Flight of The Conchords

Random & humourous addition
»Problem with Website discovered. April 5.06

A catch 22 type dilemma has struck kiwi band Flight of The Conchords in relation to updating the band news on their website. Members of the band (Jemaine and Bret) have noticed that whenever they are doing things that could be reported on the website, they are too busy to update the website. In addition, whenever the band members have some spare time in which they could update the website, there is usually, as one member put it "nothing going on".

Flight of the Conchords have put up a website on the internet. A spokesman from the band (Bret) said it there was a five year delay launching the website online due to a 'disagreement'. Apparently there was debate over how many times letter 'W' should appear in the 'WWW' part of the web address. While Bret wanted four making the domain name wwww.conchords.co.nz Jemaine was vying for seven with wwwwwww.conchords.co.nz. It turns out that you're only allowed three anyway.

Jill's Note: Many of you might not appreciate their humour, some of their language or content. Kiwis find it amazing that they have made it big in USA & UK when they were rejected by producers here. I find it an amazing commentary on NZ society.

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