02 September 2008

Jill Shaw is no David Farrar!

What other blogs do you read?

Kiwiblog is the personal blog of David Farrar. He writes heaps on politics, technology, but with 6 - 8 items per day, other issues of interest arise.

Kiwiblog gets around one million pageviews per month, 500+ comments a day and there are around 1,500 registered commenters.

Conversations@Intersections, on the other hand, has about 5 readers in total and a few of you are good enough to comment or tell your friends and rellies.

Here are just some of the non-political NZ Blogs Farrar recommends. Try some.

1 comment:

woven & spun said...

I've been reading fatcyclist.com lately - stumbled upon it because Luke is riding a bike 1200km in October for charity . . . anyone would do that right?