03 September 2008

In the midst of all our plans . . .

Someone like me, cruising along through life.
Nothing wrong with cruising.
Nothing wrong with life being good and easy and smooth roads ahead.
But sometimes we do get a bit soft, a bit numb, a bit dulled by the ease of it all.

Then something happens that wakes us up! We hit a bump or are brought face-to-face with a different reality.

What then?
I've had events through the years; good events and sad ones, tragedies even.
They change me.
They shape me.
They make me think and choose again who I am and what I'll do.

Often they'll bring me closer to the God I love, as I realise, again, that I do not have sufficient resources within to respond to life. My resources have limitations, can be depleted.

Often such events connect me with other people in ways that same-ole-same-ole might not have done. Good or bad, shared experiences can forge or deepen friendships.

My dad introduced me to a man who said that illness was not a bad thing.
As he is in the medical profession, some might object to his thinking.
He continued, "It often brings out the best in people." He told brief stories of families rallying around and the kindness of strangers, of values shifting for the good and words of affection being spoken.

I remember when my mom was struggling with cancer.
I sure did NOT overlook those other patients with scarves covering their heads who struggled to even open the doors to the doctors' offices. The ones in the supermarket who needed a rest part way round the humongous store.

I've seen whole families rally round when there's a sick child. Everything previously thought to be of vital importance, curtains, errands, that concert or parade, they pale in significance as the battle is entered in to by all.

Flexibility. Resilience. Courage. Wisdom. Companionship.
Grace. Ability to embrace change. Decisiveness. Compassion.
Generosity. Good listening skills. Awareness. Discernment.

What else can you think of that we need to weather the storms and rollercoasters of life?

Whether it is winning the jackpot in the lottery, a tragic death, or someone moving your cheese, change happens. How we respond speaks volumes.


Quote Collector said...

"Life is what happens in the middle of all your plans"

How you respond, or react, determines to a great extent who you are.

woven & spun said...

Be flexible to the point of liquidity but not vaporization.
Interpretation: Go with flow but don't get steamed!

Jill said...

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your readership and our relationship. Jill

Anonymous said...

Abigail's epilepsy has changed the way I look at most things. It also reminded of the things I hold dear and as a result I/we have made decisions that now make my life look very different.
Love you, Jill! and one day soon maybe I'll be able to hug your neck!
Angela xx

Anonymous said...

opps I think I may have just left the comment twice!