06 September 2008

A da Vinci brush can't hurt

I have some of the nicest art supplies you could imagine. A few of my brushes have da Vinci on the handles. Some of the paper has special watermarks, deckle edges and a wonderful feel to it. I have good paints, artist quality paints that will not fade with time or exposure.

As it is, the paints are not getting any exposure at all as they are still in their tubes!

In my frustration to paint well, I tricked myself in to thinking that if I bought better materials my drawing wouldn't matter.

Another option to not drawing well is to paint abstracts. Then, to stand haughtily aside and judge my viewers if they "don't get it".

Hmm. Not very satisfying for anyone really.

I'm thinking what would be really satisfying would be to spend more time at my painting table and work a bit harder to develop the skills to take the ideas in my mind and get them nearer the paper. I'm thinking too that the process is good for me, no matter the result.

When I started painting at 40 years of age, I had decided I didn't really care what others thought of it, I was painting for me. I wanted to take the accumulated ideas, the skill of composition that photography had taught me, my love of colours and let rip! The da Vinci brush can't hurt the result.

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