27 September 2008

Can you top Kerre's crazy link to Underpants Toast?

I found a link to Underpants Toast on Kerre Woodham's website. What a hoot!

When I first say the reference to NiceCupofTeaAndaSitDown I thought, "I wish I'd named my blog that!" I love a cup of tea and a sit down with a book or a friend, sometimes both.

Bu then when I saw what Kerre had linked to, well, you gotta laugh! You just gotta. What next?

Went to a Do tonight at West Lake Boys High School on Auckland's North Shore. The cricket teams was serving and were dressed in white shirts and nice ties. One of the boys had to go on Google to see how to tie his tie! His grandfather would have shown him, but was in Australia!

What's a fun website you've found out there that tells you something fun or useful that we can benefit from? Come on! Suggest a link, or two, that will add value or laughter or something to the conversation.

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