12 September 2008

Book Club: Pick just TWO Favourites?

I have to take just TWO of my favourite titles to Book Club.
How do I boil all the good reads I've ever had down to just TWO! Impossible! I can't do it! I'm not going! That's a ridiculous ask! Choosing between biography, fiction, history, travel writing, other non-fiction . . . . .what kinda torture is this!?

You don't mind me ranting, do you? Everybody needs a good rant and if that's as bad as it gets, well, no one got hurt, did they? I know, there are far more important things to rant about . . . . political situations in Burma, Zimbabwe . . . . the treatment of refugees by "host" nations, or by their new neighbours when they finally start getting settled in . . . . so many things.

Ok, I'm over the book club thing now.

Let me tell you what I've chosen, I think.
Literary history: THE MEANING OF EVERYTHING:The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary. by Simon Winchester
Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life by Queen Noor
Travel Memoir:
Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah MacDonald
On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel by Tony Cohan
Novel exploring philosophical traditions:
Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder

What? That wasn't TWO books?!
And none of your favourites were in there?

Well, get your own blog! I make up the rules and pick the favourites in this one!
Got anything to say about that? Click on COMMENTS below and have your say.

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Rachael said...

I think your sleep deprivation is showing! ;-)