24 September 2008

Anger? Panic? POLITICS!

Good grief. A very slick local NZ politician, for those of you reading from far away, has led people astray for years, bluffing his way through things and not being upfront about much of anything. He is always on the warpath with the media and plays one side against the other to maintain influence in a government that often needs his vote to pass things.

A special committee finds that he has lied about money donated to a trust that personally benefited him. Does he own up? Does he suggest that he did anything at all wrong?
Nope. He'd probably choke on those words.

And the Prime Minister does not sack him or do much of anything really, because she needs his votes. Managing power and MMP do not come with much accountability.

The opposition leader, John Key, who is likely to be the next Prime Minister, foolishly neglects to check all his facts and doesn't report some of his investments. He probably has a few, many of which are in trusts and more than he can remember on a given day - kinda like how many houses John McCain owns.

When it is brought out in the open, conveniently today to distract from the other dodgy politicians guilt, Key admits he got his facts wrong, should have checked, looks guilty and tries to clear the air. The government is using the words lie and liar a lot. hmmm. I didn't think they knew what one of those looked like. They don't recognise it when it is closer to home.

Helen Clark said something in Parliament about Key probably checking his investment portfolio each morning when he got up, as if she doesn't have some assets tucked away for when she's lost her power! That's like Labour saying they are against a two tiered medical system which includes private medical insurance, when you can bet your dog that they all have medical insurance and would never be reliant on the system they oversee!

Anyway, I thought Key's comment in a radio interview was the best.
"Trust is not about being perfect. It is about telling the truth when you mess up."

Where is there a perfect politician? Where is there a perfect person? In your house?
Not in mine! But when a person puts their hand up and owns their mistakes, I can trust that.

The games people play . . . and the timing of it all . . . and to think they really might have some important things to deal with in Wellington.

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