26 August 2008

Why some comment, and some don't

Problogger says Only 1 out of every 100 Readers Comment on your Blog

Jakob Nielsen’s latest study finds that 90% of online community users are lurkers (read or observe without contributing) with only 9% of users contributing ‘a little’ and 1% actively contributing.

So 1% of your blog’s users are actively engaging with your blog and the rest are at best occasional contributers.

The study isn’t just on blogging so the actual numbers could be more or less than these and would no doubt vary from site to site anyway - but the principle is true. The vast majority of readers leave a blog without leaving a comment or contributing to it in any way.
Are you a lurker or a contributor?
Is it too hard to navigate the Comments set up?
Let me know what your feelings are or if you comment elsewhere, but just haven't joined in here yet. Knowing who my readers are would undoubtedly enhance the conversation, or not?


Autumn said...

I'm a lurker! I read a LOT of blogs on a daily basis and only comment on a few. I even have about 4 or 5 blogs I read of people I don't even know. I have commented on one and been able to get to know her a little bit by email!

Quote Collector said...

I'm another one of that "hundred".