24 August 2008

WELCOME AHS, Friends of Jay!

I cannot believe I just welcomed AHS Alum to my blog! I'm a proud graduate of Highland High School, the last of those who went there from 7th grade through to 12th(Class of 1980)!

Anyway, I got a Vote of Approval and encouragement from Jay and I sure appreciate it! You never know who is reading and I don't throw my e-address out much cause I can't keep up with the good folks in my InBox as it is.

I've enjoyed writing this blog and hope to continue. It's good to write, to think, to think of how to discuss things with other people especially those I know might have a totally different opinion from mine.

I have readers who are not Christians.
I have readers who no longer think I'm a Christian.
I have readers who don't think in such narrow categories. I prefer to say I'm a Jesus follower anyway and that can be a bit different from being a Christian. Unpacking that comment is a whole series of posts, me thinks.

I write about more than faith, more than spirituality, though taking a walk and using a fountain pen both have elements of spirituality in them. As does gardening, art, dinner with friends, cleaning, etc . . . . My profile blurb ought to tell you some of my interests and Past Post titles will tell you where we've been. In the near future you'll hear a bit more about traveling, India, Thailand, and other topics that grab my interest.

Anyway, keep the comments coming. The commenting process is not arduous and it really pays off as we can then have a conversation! Click on that little link below this post and have your say! The more the merrier! It can be anonymous, but if you do actually know me from a present or former life, do try to let me know who you are.

I try to include clickable links to sites of interest. While those links will take you away from Conversations@Intersections, I think you'll benefit from going there or I wouldn't include them in the first place! I have no proprietary claim on your time or attention. I do hope you'll return and will try to provide interesting, helpful or quirky content to encourage you to do so. My spelling will be a bit different from what they taught me at HHS. That is due to the fact that I try to think in the language and culture of where I am. The same applies to my references to time of day or seasons of the year.

Also, consider subscribing to this blog on RSS feeds so you can keep up with Conversations@Intersections and all your favourite blogs and websites without actually having to go there each day. An RSS feed is a Rich Site Summary: a format for delivering regularly changing web content.
I use both NetNewsWireLite and Google Reader, though I usually just save pages to my Live Bookmarks in my browser of choice, Firefox,now. Always learning new tricks* keeps me from being an Old Dog! It's as simple as clicking on that RSS icon up there by the URL address and following the instructions. See my other posts on RSS.
NOTE* Technological tricks . Note 2 The orange icon is what I see in Firefox. Safari is blue.
NOTE 3 The real dog above is my Dad's Dodger. My dad and grandparents are all proud AHS grads!

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Quote Collector said...

I'll bet DODGer would be a great name for that "gentleman" pictured above.