27 August 2008

Personalities and tendencies

Wonder what kind of personality profile someone could put together on me from just these posts alone? Even my profile is a bit eclectic, a little quirky and yet somehow, staid.
I like to anticipate events or visits or good things.
I like to consider decisions, gather information and make a plan.

Even though I am spontaneous, see previous posts, I think half the fun of a trip or an event is the planning!

I wouldn't in any way describe myself as a detail person. Small children might not be fed if they were left in my care, though I suppose the noise level would be an indicator of a pressing need. I like kids, I just don't eat according to the clock.

I do pay my bills, but I can put off form-filling and filing for weeks! Applying for immigration or mortgages or warranties, dealing with insurance claims departments, while I think those all important . . . it's the paperwork that is daunting.

I do not fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants with international trips. Those are planned well as the surprises should be in the scenery and bazaars, not at the airport or front desk!

So, I'm a planner who is spontaneous and doesn't like details. Something not quite right in that. I'm thinking it depends on my motivation, my expectations and the expectations put upon me. Hate to let others down when I've said I'd do something. I'd better get Allie Mooney's book and see if I'm normal or confused.

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