21 August 2008

Neglect: Plants, Friends, Houses.

My potted plants have been neglected.
It can hardly be deemed my fault as we had 28 days of rain in July! Who wants to go out and talk to plants when rain is dripping down your neck and splashing up on your ankles? And, here in Auckland, it often rains horizontally. While these windy conditions are good for sailing, they are not good for gardening!

Other things show signs of neglect.
Friendships can be neglected. Some of them will survive, easily picked up and renewed after a gap of time. Others seem to drift beyond our grasp. While we often meet so many people that we cannot possibly maintain every relationship at the same level of intimacy and interdependence, attention on friendships over time, and distances, is a sign of maturity. People are not expendable, disposable, easily replaced.

Have you ever driven past a house that has been neglected?
Some homes just need a little love, just a some attention and TLC. Whatever their price range, neglected homes take on a look about them that speaks volumes to those passing by.

I have rooms in my house like that.
My office sometimes becomes a collection point for all the things I bring in, set down with full intentions of sorting through and filing properly. The dust tells a different story.

I think that such piles, such neglected places in my home, can often reflect what's happening in my heart and mind. Things sometimes accumulate, are not sorted through and processed properly, and they can tip over or trip me up.

Such "piles" are a sign to me that I'm over extended, out too much, not taking the time for order and deliberate good choices.

My car's dirty too, but washing it won't make any difference in this weather.

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