02 August 2008

Life Improvement in 5 Minutes or Less!

Five is the third smallest prime number...
The atomic number of boron...
Five musicians are called a quintet...
The number of oceans in the world...

What are some ways you can improve your life in five minutes or less?
LifeEdit suggests these:

  1. Listen to Your Favourite Song - especially effective if you're in a slump and need a little energy, listening to an upbeat song can get you back on track and give you a little extra juice to keep going throughout your day.
  2. Floss Your Teeth - something as simple as flossing can improve your smile, make your breath fresher, and even help lower the risk for some health issues.
  3. Have a Cuppa - for those of you who drink coffee or tea, it will give you an extra perk as well as provide you with some nice health benefits as a side-effect!
  4. Update Your Calendar - take advantage of a few minutes of downtime to update your calendar with any crucial events for the upcoming week. Five minutes of review and updates daily can make your life more organized and give you a better picture of what needs to be accomplished.
  5. Give or Get a Hug - whether you hug a child, an animal, a friend or even a complete stranger, this contact will send all sorts of feel-good emotions through your system and help you feel better connected to the world.
  6. Eat a Piece of Fruit - Whole fruit is much better for you than juice - you get the added fibre, which takes your body longer to digest and gives you a longer energy burst. Grab a apple or an orange (or any easy-to-eat fruit) to keep hunger pangs at bay and energy levels high.
  7. Drink a Glass of Water - a lot of us become cranky and tired when we are not properly hydrated. To ensure that you are getting enough water, fill up a glass (add some lemon or cucumber if you'd like) and get sipping!
  8. Pick Everything Up Off the Floor - depending on how ambitious you are, this could be one room or several. Dirty clothes, in the hamper. Loose papers, filed away or thrown away. Garbage, well...we know where that should be, and it isn't on your floor.
My additions:
  1. Throw something away - make sure it is yours, but look around. You can eliminate some chaos, and stress, from your life if you have less to manage. Simplify.
  2. Ring someone you love- We're often busy with the things on our list, but what about those things, or people, who never make it on our lists? Dial it in. Call 'em!
  3. Get a view - Gaze on something beautiful or inspiring. Art is good. Gardens are nice. Sunsets, ocean views or mountains refresh our souls. What's nearby that you can reach and enjoy in 5 minutes?
  4. Breath - Deeply. Consciously. Be aware. Expel beyond reason and then take in a breath slowly.

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