25 August 2008

How spontaneous are you?

I'm spontaneous. Some of the best times I've had were spontaneous!
The one when Anna, Belinda & Rebecca and I went on a road trip, flipping a coin at every junction to see where we would end up. Fortunately that coastal town did have accommodation available for us that night.

The others when friends just popped round and we ate out of the pantry and everyone was happy because no one had any expectations at all.

Or when I got stuck overnight in LA due to a flight delay and I ended up at Venice Beach as per a recommendation from the porter at the hotel. I had asked for the beach most handy to the bus route. I guess that was the one he knew his way to! Odd bunch of people there.

I do tend to collect brochures . . . and file them. I just sorted through the box this week and have heaps of paper for Thursday's recycling collection. But how many times have people called me up, locals mind you, and asked where to take their visitors or for a special day out with that individual they want to make a good impression on!? I could name names, but I won't because the relationships haven't ALL made it. Not my fault. I gave them good advice, including, "Don't have spaghetti on a first date! Thanks, Pop!

People often respond "How do you know these things?"
Well, I read. Yep, my secret's out. I read.

Yep, when I was a kid, I didn't do well at math because I had mono/glandular fever and my tonsils out in 3rd grade. Missed most of the multiplication tables. By 5th grade, Mrs. Ayers discovered it and suggested I be banned from pleasure reading until I caught up. Banning a kid from reading!? What nonsense!
Anyway, I proceeded to read road signs, packaging, cereal boxes, of course, anything I could get my hands on. I should possibly have counseling cause I've more or less continued in that vein all these . . . well the past few years.

So now I read to gather info so as to make better choices when I'm faced with them. Yes, my hard drive does get full, but instead of emptying it I just anticipate the malfunctions that happen. Like when I get place names mixed up between the various countries in which I've lived. Harmless and quite amusing at times. I've yet to end up, or send anyone else to Waikikamukau.

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