21 August 2008


Old friends are the best! They know you and love you anyway.

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debbie said...

I am sitting having my morning cuppa and conversation with you. I usually do this once a week, so as I was scrolling down through the posts, what do I see but a picture of you and Cheryl. It made me smile and sad all at the same time.

I have recently been to the vet's office and have had the chance to see Vicki. You and Cheryl's name usually comes up in the conversation. So does the Friends Retreat.

The last time I went to visit Vicki, I found her and I had another connection. I found out her husband John was the mascot at Madison Heights. John and I got to talking gymnastics because I work at a preschool that is part of a gymnastics gym. When I next talked to Jay (who was the Indian mascot), I mentioned John and his comment was, "oh yeah, I know John."

I guess it really is a small world.

I love and miss you, Friend,