29 August 2008


Have you ever waited a long time for something?
Did the waiting inflate your expectations to the point that reality could never compare? Or did your waiting enhance the fulfillment of your plans or dreams?

Expectations are funny things.
Unexpressed expectations. Unfulfilled expectations.
Are your expectations usually of yourself or of others?
Not quite fair if they affect others who don't even know about them.

What brought all of this to my mind has nothing to do with disappointment or frustration from unfulfilled expectations. I'm just thinking along with you here, so my conclusion may not even fit with my opening direction. You OK with that?

I've been accused of both lowering my expectations and maintaining too high of expectations; different areas of my life and different people commenting.
If we lower our expectations, life may be more satisfying, but . . . not sure that's the way to go.

Contentment can come from the simplest of lifestyles, the smallest of pleasures.

Meditating on a drip of water, both before and after it plops into the puddle, can bring insight and calm. Considering the colour of New Zealand's grass these days is almost too spectacular! A layer of yellow under a bright green would almost capture the essence and light . . . but not really.

The laughter of a child or the smell of one wrapped in a towel after a bath . . . . or the comfort of am old dog leaning on your leg as you read . . . a cup of hot tea with milk, cupped in your hands . . . .

Expectations. Frustration. Contentment.
Just a choice we make, or too much influenced by outside factors?

What's worth waiting for, without inflated expectations, but with an anticipation that keeps the heart ticking and the eyes bright

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