16 August 2008

Correct, Real & Significant

Just returned home from a film about Miss Pettigrew, a governess with scruples who gets to the bottom of the heap and enters into a world of pretense disguised with glitz, fame and stardom.

On a rainy night in Auckland, it was a feel good film with a good moral.

We often undervalue the things of importance and overestimate things of temporary interest. How to keep our priorities right, without being too intense?

Laughter should be a priority.
Frivolous afternoons of walks on the beach or time spent over a cuppa tea.

I read a quote about a man walking through a woods, doing apparently nothing, being considered of no use, while a man who bulldozed it all down in the name of subdivisions and progress was labelled industrious. Hmm, maybe, but who says industrious is good?

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