30 July 2008

Time enough to breathe.

This is one of the weeks where everything has to go according to plan or the whole house of cards will tumble down.

Add in an out of town trip to be with a friend who's father has died, and you have a full week that just got stretched. breathing is very important, more so this week.

But then, a group to whom I was supposed to speak has had a change of schedule and so I'm free one evening, and the planned prep time, this week.

Another conversation was to have taken place over lunch. A court case has distracted the attention of my lunch partner, so again, I have a free lunch space, as well as the time it would have taken me to get in to the city.

More time for breathing!

When I lived in Africa I often said that flexibility should have been listed as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Now, living in a big multicultural city that is always on the go, flexibility comes into the picture again. Without it I'd be a cranky mess!

The weather may make my joints ache and my outlook grim, but being flexible, looking for the edges of clouds so as to see the silver lining, trusting God to set, and change, my agenda, keeps me moving ahead with breathe. A sense of humour and a small book help a lot too.

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Quote Collector said...

"IMPOSSIBLE is one of GOD's favorite word's"..Max Lucado
"The best we can do is our most."