28 July 2008

Refugee Social

Went to a refugee social the other night.

Don't know how many different nationalities and cultures and languages were represented there. Most had brought a plate or pot of something to eat, so even the table was amazing in its variety.

The entertainment was . . . well, indescribable, really.
Singing and dancing which represented cultures far from Sandringham Rd in Auckland, New Zealand.

But then, NZ has over 121 religions listed in the last census. More than 40 major language groups are represented in Auckland alone. We have temples and mosques and cathedrals and meeting halls. Almost every neighbourhood has a variety of Asian, Middle Eastern or European menus available. A few even have a Central American flavour!

Anyway, I left with an Eritrean couple and two name tags on my fleece: Payman and Ala. One of those little girls left with Jill on her jacket and a smile on her face.

- Just one of the tables laden with food!

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