14 July 2008

Intentional Living

I've heard people scoff at personal mission statements.
Fair enough.
I've seen many people so caught up in the process of writing and polishing their "mission statement" that they never actually got to their mission.

Same thing can be true with trying to implement David Allen's Getting Things Done principles. By the time you've read the book, bought the label maker, and dug through the piles in your office trying to figure out which to ACTION and which to TRASH . . . . you think you'd be better off just going for a cup of coffee and starting again tomorrow.

What does it mean to be intentional, to live intentionally?
What does it mean to have integrity - cohesion- in all areas of your life?
What does it mean to live on purpose, to have a mission?

Does it have to be mapped out years in advance?
Why can't it be a simple guiding statement, a conscious truth off of which decisions or opinions can bounce to see what comes back and what heads off wildly in another direction?

We can shape a mission statement, submit it to Jesus for refinement & blessing, and then attempt to live it out. We can choose well, choose best.

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