19 July 2008

How to get enough time to . . .

Someone asked me today how I found time to read everything that needed to be read.

After I laughed at such a notion, I'm insatiably curious and don't think I'll ever read everything I want, I suggested a very simple and lo-tech solution.

Write it on your calendar.

Hmmm. Fortunately she was not paying for my advice or she might have been underwhelmed.

But really! Where do the important things that you want to do go? In your diary, daytimer, calendar or wherever. I keep a lot of my things in my phone and set it to beep at me when it's time to move on to the next thing. Such a calendar is pretty standard in all cell phones now. Look at the Organiser feature in your phone and spend a few minutes with it. It is not rocket science. Do not be intimidated by a little tool you can hold in your hand!
Now, back to scheduling the important things.

Whether it is reading, spending time with a friend who does not demand your time or attention, walking your dog or being creative; SCHEDULE IT! Felt the need to shout that one as it is so simple it can be underestimated.

If you want to maintain an online calendar for a group or your family, Google Calendar is a good one. You can make it accessible to a group and all shared info is available to everyone.
Otherwise buy a calendar you can carry in your pocket or purse or hang on the wall and then be committed to using it to determine what you will, and will not, do when.
If someone calls and asks you to do something at a time when you've scheduled something important but not urgent, you can say, "I'm not available then. Can we make it for . . .?' and rearrange the time so it suits your priorities. It's your life. Live it intentionally and the way you choose to, not the way others think you should.
Any other tough questions from the floor? While this one appears to be a no brainer, implementation of it would mightily benefit many of us. I'm pointing at ME!

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