19 July 2008

Antiques in Auckland

When my friend Patsy calls, I like to think up interesting places to go with her. As an artist, she's always interested in arty stuff; sometimes old and sometimes new. She's an intelligent, sensitive and wise woman. Where to take her today, in her own city, where I've only lived just over 8 years?

Drummond's Antiques
10 Anzac Avenue, Auckland (64) 9 379 4396

Like Pandora's Box, the door to Drummond's Antiques takes you into a world of bizarre and amazing things. As you move between the densely packed shelves and filled-to-the-brim boxes you spot wild and wonderful gifts and collectibles from many a bygone era. They have nautical and aeronautical antiques, automotive treasures, china and fine silverware, scientific curios and a large selection of antique toys, dolls and teddy bears. Visit this museum and you'll never want to leave.

Patsy saw a child's buggy, which she called by an entirely different name. It had a tag on it that said circa 1880's. She couldn't figure out why the thing wasn't in a museum!
And the pottery! Pieces she had bought on her travels through Europe. Other pieces she had early on in her married life.

We didn't buy anything. That wasn't the point. We fossicked around and had a laugh. I might go back for another fountain pen when next I have a visitor to Auckland. We'll see.

You too could do worse on a rainy day in Auckland.
Drummond's is in the city, just off Beach Rd on Anzac Avenue, just down from my favourite breakfast cafe in Auckland, Gloria's.

fossick, Australian, To search for by or as if by rummaging.

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