18 August 2010

What makes another person "other"?

I ask, what are you passing on to the next generation; a heritage of openness and bridge building or closed doors and high walls?

Donald Miller asks, in the midst of a bigger story,

"My question to you is, did the community you grew up in teach you to see the “otherness” in others, or did your community teach you to see the common humanity in us all?"
Don Miller's Blog will fill you in on the rest of the story that led to his question.

But answer it for yourself. Do you focus on differences or similarities?

What makes another person "other"?

Is it skin colour, language, limp, lisp, bank account, brand of computer or car, zip code, title, denomination, head covering, hair length, accent, marital status, style of worship, sexual preference, nationality, grammar, or . . .

I'd love to peer in to the conversation if you'd be so kind as to comment here.

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