02 January 2012

Networks and collaboration in Blogging

How do you find content to read on the internet? It's not hard to find content, but to find the stuff that's most interesting to you?

Do you check the blog rolls of bloggers you read? Many blogs do have recommended blogs listed in the sidebar or links.

Have you heard of collaborative blogging where more than one person provides the content? It might give you more value with less web searching, bringing all the articles together in one place.

Some bloggers use a blog hop, they network their blogs together with others for maximum exposure, a circle of similar yet different commentators on life & it's components.

Check out one such hop on my friend Shanda's blog. Shanda has lived in at least 7 countries and traveled in many more. She has a soft heart and a good mind and a fun family.

Cheryl is another blogging friend to be found at In the Life of a Busy Woman. Cheryl writes of home and heart, from a Christian perspective, as a working wife & mom with teenagers and a university student. Her blog roll includes thinkers and book blogs and an interesting assortment.

Angela Richards writes of Living Overseas and Loving it, the perspective of a foreigner married to a foreigner and raising kids with the best of both worlds. I knew Angela before she was a foreigner, but then have visited in her home in various cities.

Diary of A Goldfish promotes Blogging Against Disablism Day in early May each year by encouraging people to blog about disability and then to link all those blogs via her site. Who do you know who might like to join in that conversation this year?

The Cosy Bookshop is a work in progress with authorship shared between 5 busy women who have an idea. This blog is like an incubator, sometimes neglected as life-here-and-now demands more attention. The main thing about this blog is that the blog is not the main thing; The Cosy Bookshop is. Well, it will be when two of the five of us have done their small business course and can eliminate many mistakes before we make them.

There are webrings too, where people share a blog, link in and out of it. Usually there is a commonality that makes sense and attracts both readers of writers of similar ilk. My friend Jemma is part of one at RevGalBlogPals ~a circle of friends since 2005~. That circle is primarily women in Christian ministry from around the world.

All kinds of groups, clubs and organisations are using blogs as a communal web presence, a repository of info, opinion and advice.

Where do you find good content? Twitter, StumbleUpon, Flipboard . . .?

Are you part of a webring, blog hop or co-author a blog?
Tips for collaborative blogging from ProBlogger and from BrainZooming
One thing to watch out for is splogging where comments on blogs are SPAM used to advertise something unrelated to the blogger.

Blogging is a funny thing. It doesn't shout for attention, but is satisfying somehow, at least to this blog writer.

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