22 January 2012

Appropriate technology: iPad and poetry?

•Apple announced platforms for etextbooks today, digital educational materials students will access through their iPads and iPhones.

Imagine how much lighter their backpacks will be! Why carry around the weight of the whole book when you're only using it a chapter at a time?

Would it be okay to read Norton's Anthologies of poetry and literature on an iPad? Seems wrong somehow.
Thoreau? Burns? James Whitcomb Riley?
The weight and thin paper seemed to add something to the experience.

•They read Scripture off an iPhone during worship today. 
The worship team wanted passages scattered through the preamble to a song. Just brief bursts of Scripture to highlight, emphasize, punctuate the verses in the song. It was terrific! Their faces hidden behind sheets of white paper wouldn't have been as friendly. Juggling Bibles and finding the many passages while holding mics would have been awkward.

So is it okay to read poetry off an iPad? The times they are a changin'.

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