11 November 2011

On a scale of 1 to 10...

... how's your November 11 of 2011 going?

New Zealand is halfway through the 11th as I post this, but some of you still have a ways to go. Daylight map

Enjoy. It's a day in your life, a day you'll not get back. You can't rewind, redo, reload . . .

In one sense, it's just a day that's numbered in an interesting way, depending on who's counting.
Click here to read about Indian, Islamic, Chinese, Hebrew and other calendars . . .

In another sense, it's fun. One couple was written up in today's NZ Herald because they are getting married today, so it'll be easier to remember their anniversary.

I'm going to a Geocaching event tonight that's all around the 11.11.11 theme. I've stolen the artwork for the event to show you.

Whatever you do, make today count in a way that's significant for you, and may even for someone else.

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