26 August 2011

Breaking News: Media Machine

If you want to have your scandal swept under the carpet, be sure the news breaks in a big news week. This has been one of those!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund, had his case dropped in a week when we have liberation in Libya with Qadhafi's whereabouts unknown. We also had a hurricane sweeping up from Puerto Rico toward New York City and a rare 5.8 earthquake in Virginia.

STOP THE PRESSES: Steve Jobs steps down as Apple's CEO!
Financial markets affected all over the world as suppliers, consumers, competitors and stockholders all wonder if it's about the man or the Mac.

Fascinating week ... pity on those journalists who were on vacation and had to watch it all surface without them.

DSK is a happy man, relieved and now, overlooked, as far as the headlines go. Wonder what page he'll land on, and which French runway as he gets as far from NYC as he can.

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