18 October 2010

Variety is Good, even in Worship.

Why would we think that God created us all as individuals, but then expected us all to relate to Him in exactly the same way?

We have different interests, different talents, like different flavours of ice cream, music and activities . . . . . that is what adds the richness and interest to the human race.

As I travel, I meet people who think their way of worship or of connecting with God is not only best, but the only right way. "And people with any sense would agree with us."

I know of a few local congregations who think their fellowship are the only ones going to heaven. If you consider that their numbers are usually less than 50 people, then they must not have taken in to consideration the vastness of God's preparation, the scope of His Majesty, the reach of His hand, the . . . no, there is much they haven't taken in to consideration.

I assume they think that eternity with God will be with people just like them who are doing only the things they like . . . in fact, an eternity that is very much them-focused rather than God focused. Hmm.

Am I sounding a bit arrogant in suggesting that they are wrong?

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