07 October 2010

Story: Your Story

Are you your story? Is your story you? Parts of the whole; bits and pieces that, assembled together create a picture. How much of that picture is designed and how much

"Grasping the significance of Story is like finding the jigsaw puzzle box cover and glimpsing the potential of the pile of pieces to turn into a coherent picture. Using this metaphor, the short stories we write about experiences are parts of the big Story of Self. A sense of Story pulls our “little s” stories into alignment and sharpens their focus while also connecting them together.'

"Like soup, Story has no boundaries or form. It can start anywhere and fills the chosen container. It can be told, tailored to the time available, written or filmed. It can be shared, or appreciated in isolation." Sharon Lippincott Inspired by Christina Baldwin’s Storycatcher.

Read more on Sharon's blog,
The Heart and Craft of Life Writing, shared with me by my friend at In The Life of a Busy Woman.

Book recommendation: Read Dan Allendar's, To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future

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jane said...

I love stories! How we deal with the joys and disappointments of life depends on the story out of which we live. I also recommend Tell Me A Story by Daniel Taylor.