21 October 2010

Humour, at what expense, or whose expense?

Humour is a delicate thing.
Cross-cultural humour is often funny, especially when it is between countries who like to make fun of each other. The video below is from an Australian show, Rove, making fun of a New Zealand programme.

Paul Henry was a local morning show host in NZ, as the video explains. After a string of socially offensive comments and resulting complaints, he's no longer hosting. Pushing the boundaries often increases ratings, but we ought not to push them too far.

Question #1: What' too far? Question #2: Who decides?

(Watch 'til about 2:15 for the Paul Henry Moustache-gate clip.)

1 comment:

Sonia said...

I just love this show, pitty it's not playing now. He is a legend in his own right - Rove that is.! Thanks for sharing. Had a little chuckle..!!!!