08 September 2010

Prepared? Stuff happens. Pt 2

Brainstorm things that would be useful in emergency?
Prioritize them later. For now, just make your list.
*Multiply some supplies p/person over 3+ day span of time.

Before a disaster: You will need to have:

  • A Household Emergency Plan that will help you and your household plan for what to do when disaster strikes
  • Household Emergency Checklist This list will help you prepare essential food, water, clothing and medical supplies for you and your family to cope for at least three days
  • A Getaway Kit of essential emergency and medical items if you need to be evacuated.
What are some other things you would take into consideration?
Pets, special medical conditions, other people mooching, how to wait creatively, where to store your Be Ready kit, . . .

Consider your list. Choose items you would want handy and pack them in the backpacks in case you have to move quickly.

Consider the process of living each day with limitations and the priorities you'd like to have on hand.

Discuss this with your household. They may have to cope without you at home.
  • Who will turn off water at the main? gas? electricity?
  • How & Where will you meet up during and after an emergency?
  • How to maintain contact during an emergency? (No mobile phone coverage!)
  • How to contact Civil Defence & authorities for assistance?
  • Who can do a first aid course now to care for the family?
Tsunamis happen . . . . as do earthquakes, eruptions, blizzards, fires & storms. We have next to no control of those things, but we can have some control over our ability to cope in those circumstances. For the sake of our own lives, and those we love, let’s be ready!

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