07 September 2010

Prepared? Stuff Happens. Pt 1

Civil Defense officials constantly tell people to be ready for the unexpected. This week an expert seismologist said much is known about earthquakes, except when they are going to happen.

While we can't expect the poor of Haiti to lay in extra supplies in case of emergency, we can expect people to take a measure of responsibility for themselves in developed countries.

I posted about all of this in January 2009, so don't think this is a new pulpit for me after the huge earthquake in Christchurch.

The NZ government has an Earthquake Commission that is prepared to respond in these very scenarios. Christchurch City Council and the Civil Defense is doing a super job. Countries like the United States have offered assistance if needed. But the fact is, people must take responsibility for their own well being, especially for the first 3-4 days.

I'm not suggesting we all become neurotic and weird, anticipating disasters with every change of the wind. I am suggesting that love and wisdom dictate that we consider the possibilities and tuck a few things away.

In 2009 I wrote, "Let’s assume you are at your home, there has been a mudslide that has taken out power and water, roads & telecommunications in your area." After the recent earthquake in Christchurch, we don't have to use so much imagination. Other people can remember hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards. This isn't paranoia; it's reality.

Consider: How would you and your family cope if you were without electricity or water for three days or more? You can’t go to the shops and get anything because they have closed . . . . no electricity and the employees can’t get to and from work!

Can't pump fuel or ring up sales without electricity these days.

With only one road to the North of Auckland and one to the South, I might very well be better off by staying put at home and utilising what I have at hand. I’ll be even better off if I have stocked up and have the right things available.

What do you think those things might be?

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