14 September 2010

Organization of Office Surfaces


Two mugs.
Multiple phones.
Both doodles & sketches.
I don't see Post-it notes, peace lilly or snacks!

In a way this is an encouraging cartoon to find. It's so much like my desk that it gives me comfort that I'm not the only one.

I still need Cheryl or Ngahuia to come over and sort me out.

What's on your desk?


Autumn said...

That is almost exactly what my desk looks like. Except that on Friday, I cleaned it off. Now, I only have 1 pile - except that I added a pile of mail today. I am sure by the end of the week it will be back to looking exactly like this cartoon!

Chero said...

Did someone ask for my help? I'll be right over dearest friend!

First, we'll pour a pot of tea to contemplate the extent of our project. Then while mulling over hot steaming mugs of Dilmah, we'll discuss how messy life can become (not to mention our desks).

When the second pot is brewing ~ THEN ~ I'll get serious and help you organize your odds & ends, paperclips, and doodles. The rest I'll leave for another day.