28 September 2010

Group Entertainment Choices

Have you ever ended up making entertainment choices for a group of friends?

I've ended up at movies I didn't want to see. 

A boyfriend in high school took me Ten Pin bowling as part of every date. He was a serious competitive bowler and bought me a bowling ball for my birthday!

I made a few dollars off some local guys playing pool in college. That was only cause their male ego got the better of their judgment, and I was lucky that night.

I wouldn't pay money for  a ticket to watch netball or Aussie Rules football. I'd watch billiards, ping pong and horse racing. I have watched friends play cricket, tennis, and other sports I don't play. 

Planning an evening of fun is ..... complicated, sometimes.

How long do you usually spend in the video shop choosing movies to rent? I spend a long time and I'm decisive! How would it be for my phlegmatic friends?

For a change-up some of us are going to have a frivolous evening tonight.

Will it be:

__Movie- Julie & Julia
__Movie- Night At The Museum 2
__Movie- The Holiday
__Movie- Boy
__Movie- Up!
__Meet for a late dessert.

__Movie- (Add your suggestion)

What's your idea of a fun night with friends of varying interests?

Come on! Throw your comments in. It's not too late for us to adopt your suggestion!

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