23 August 2010

Safety & Grace: Carol

A friend of mine died a couple of years ago on this day.

I later wrote about Carol, the humour and struggle of her life. If you'd like to read the first post in the series you'll be enriched, enlightened, a little entertained.

Carol mighta tried a similar bike stunt on a rainy day.

She usually just donned a rubbish bag.

Carol had a keen mind and a great sense of humour. She was generous and kind, intense and childlike.

The posts I wrote are not so much about death as about courage.

Read the series if you'd like. Be sure and start with Pt. 1, though I wonder what it would be like for a stranger to read them out of order. Hmmm ... That sounded like a Carol question.

The Safety & Grace Series on Conversations@Intersections.

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Sonia said...

Great sharing Jill, I went over and read the parts last night.... Carol was just an inspiration in many ways. Im glad that I had the opportunity to walk with her in her journey. The thing that stands out for me is that she touched peoples lives in so many different ways. I'm often thinking of her. Thanks again.