10 August 2010

The rat ran over the curtain rail . . .

The rat ran across the curtain rail, over the top of the bookshelves and down across the sofa to the floor on its way to the door. His length and agility were impressive. I pretended not to see him so as not to embarrass my hosts.

Oh well, maybe it wasn't the most exciting of Bible studies, but I was trying to keep my vocabulary simple so as to include some of the crowd who had had little education. Sitting on the floor of the raised house in the village seemed familiar to me, reminding me of many such evenings in Zimbabwean homes. The children sprawled across their mother's legs, so deep in sleep that they missed both my profundities and the rodent's departure. ~sigh~

The only thing that kept me from being startled by the rat was that I had seen him during the singing when he was nearly at eye level.

Most things in life are tolerable if they don't catch you off guard.

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