21 August 2010

Play date with Friends.

Heather, Jane & I are going out to play this Saturday. Mike's working so we're kidnapping Heather. What to do?

Different interests & personalities . . . .
What to do on a rainy Saturday with two phlegmatics who rarely care what we do as long as we're all together?

Well, I start with the NZ Herald to see what's on. Then I go to EventFinder. If we were in Wellington it would be colder and
wetter, but there's this very big book fair on. Heather could look for puzzles. Jane could seek out counseling books and titles for kids. I could peruse my normal categories and resist temptation. Maybe it's best we're not in Wellington.

Hmm, Katchafire is in Kaitaia and there's
a running festival in Tauranga. Those are too far away and not to our liking, tho' Katchafire might warm our bones on a winter's day. How about the Somewhat Different Design Exhibition in Shed 10? It's free but it's more in my line of interest than that of my friends. Geocaching? No, too wet.

Ok, we may take in the design exhibit or stop off at the Crafternoon Tea in Kingsland before going to the Antique Fair at Alexandria Park. If all else fails, Heather will be thrilled with the Weird & Wonderful Insect and Spider exhibit at the Auckland Museum. She loves spiders!

I'm sure we'll be fine, but the decision-making process can sometimes take the fun right out of everything. If someone sets their heart on one thing, but the group is uninterested . . .!
And sometimes, trying to figure out where to go for dinner could lead to fasting! As for movies, I learned years ago that the decision needs to be made BEFORE arrival at the theatre or cinema. If the group settles on a film you really don't want to see, conflict can ensue. I was held hostage once. I can remember the film to this day.

In our case, three adult women, it's not that hard
to settle on a few options, any of which will be fine. If the weather was better we'd have more options. In the case of Jane & Heather, that would not be good because it makes the deciding process excruciating.

• What if we had kids with us?
• What if we were of vastly divergent backgrounds with extremely different interests?

Well, we'd probably not be friends if our
interests were vastly different. As it is, I have great friends, and they're all a little bit different. I mean that in a good way.
I do different things with different friends. Does that make me a chameleon or versatile?

A partial roll call:
What if Tiffany, Cindy & Cheryl were here? Then Angela, Eleanor, Rachael & Bev showed up? Then there's Nancy and Sonia, Tash, Leslie, Mich, Shanda, Sharman, Laura, Wendy, Maureen, Linda, Carla, Rebee, Usha, Ashleigh, Jaime and possibly you! What would we find to do for fun?
Well, at least Rene & Dede have just been to NYC and they are too pooped to play!

I don't have too many friends. I just have friends who all enjoy different things.

•Do you find your circle of friends too small or too large? Either extreme can have its own challenges. Do you have just a few good friends, each one right for different occasions?

•What's your best advice for making and keeping friends?
One bit of advice would be NOT to make a list like this cause I'm sure to have left out a hundred or so.

•What do your squad of friends say about who you are?
Mine are a wonderful lot and I wouldn't trade very many of them for . . . .

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Woven and Spun said...

You're versatile! There's a lot of stuff that I may not be inclined to do on my own or with other friends, but if I do it with you I find joy, kinship & am educated to boot!

I love it how different friends bring out different sides of our personalities. It's like they all have a different key for the different parts of us.

There are a few though, that have master keys. They are the kindred spirits. The life-long friends. The ones you may not see for years, yet think of often and when you meet again there is a smooth transition back into vulnerability and intimacy.