24 August 2010

Geotagging Photos & Online Photo Hosting Services.

I've sifted through boxes and albums of photos and often wondered when and where they were taken. Sure it would have been nice to have a scribbled note on the back, but by the time I got them back from the lab, I was probably off on my next adventure!

Pros & Cons of Digital or Dusty Photos
You may not even know what I'm talking about, "boxes of photos". Many of you will only have photos on your computer, iPod or phone. When you've lost that, it's gone and you don't have to worry about those boxes and the dusty lids anymore.

Others will have uploaded their photos to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or blogs. Flickr is owned by Yahoo. Picasa is owned by Google. Photobucket has been taken in by MySpace though all of that changes from time to time so correct me if I have those wrong. It may suit you to go with the one that also provides your online email services.

See this photo hosting comparison
for more input in making that decision.

Picasa & Flickr compared by Set on Hub Pages.

Would you like to know where you were when you took that super photo? It'd sure help update the info in your travel journal, your blog or your article that you hope to sell for a lot of money.

But how do you go about geotagging your photos as you take them? What technology makes that process easier?

Check out this very helpful series
from Uncornered Market on how
to geotag your photos with
hardware & software reviews
made easy.

About.com explains geotagging:

Geotagging or geocoding is a way to add geographical meta data to photos, RSS feeds, and websites. A geotag can define the longitude and latitude of the tagged item. Or it can define the location place name or regional identifier. It can also include information such as the altitude and bearing.

By placing a geotag on a Web page, website, or RSS feed, you provide information to your readers and to search engines about the geographical location of the site. It can also refer to the location that the page or photo is about. So if you wrote an article about the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you could tag it with a geotag indicating that.

Just when you thought that making good photographs was all about dividing the scene by thirds and getting in close! Now you can enable the kids and grandkids to follow your epic journey by way of your photos uploaded and geotagged on a map! No postcards required!

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Greg S said...

Funnily enough our records show that this pic was taken at location: S39°8'2.57" E175°39'8.77" @ altitude 1797m - the records come from the geotag on this photo ;-)))