03 August 2010

Best iPhone Apps that I use often

It's not that I thought I had to have an iPhone, but one of my favourite supporters loaned me one when I was in the US last year. Well, I just couldn't go back, to any other phone that is. What do I use my iPhone for most?

Well, it has a calendar, but I could use a paper one. The paper one wouldn't beep at me when I was supposed to move on to the next appointment though. And then there is the simulated spirit level that comes in handy when camping.

I keep tunes and audiobooks on it for spare moments. I have several Bible translations in it and a dictionary. The map feature is useful and the weather app is good. Taking notes in NOTES is nice because they are then synced with my Mail and I can copy and paste. No more little bits of paper to get lost in the laundry!

Of course I use Evernote, DropBox and other utilities to keep me organised!

Another good option is this cooking inspiration! Check it out!
AllRecipes Dinner Spinner, Free Looking for a little kitchen inspiration as you aimlessly skid a cart around the supermarket? AllRecipes’ Dinner Spinner taps the site’s wealth of both recipes and reviews to drum up near-endless recipes to your specification. Pick a course, a main ingredient, and a prep time, and you’re looking at dozens of potential recipes.
I like gadgets. We all spend our money different ways. I don't feed three kids or a husband or a dog. I like having smart tools that help me work and play more efficiently. Travel with an iPhone is easy. I even have an app for Air New Zealand that displays the bar code right on the screen of my phone. I don't need a paper boarding pass anymore. Crazy!

I also use it as a phone. Funny that.

Check out Digital Trends list of the best iPhone Apps. There are some gems on the list.

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