01 July 2010

The Human Condition, not a Honey-coated Formula

Thinking epistemologically: theory of knowledge

How do we know?

While the following three words do feature significantly in The Bible, look at them primarily in terms of the human condition. Take off all the gloss, the Church-ese, the sweet talk and just think how it would be for any human to live without these.

LOVE The desire to know as we are known
HOPE The longing for and assurance of things not yet seen
FAITH The conviction of meaningfulness and trustworthiness

Humans desire relationship.
They exist courageously with something to look forward to.
We want to know if it matters and to live in some degree of trusting community with others.

When people are suffering, struggling, slipping in to despair, it is likely that there has been a distortion of things in life that make these hard to hold on to.

Does this make sense to you?

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