05 July 2010

Evernote for Info Management

Evernote has become an everyday kinda tool as I manage information and ideas.

I take photos of labels, cards or articles with my phone instead of having numerous bits of paper in every pocket of my jackets, jeans or purse. The info then syncs with Evernote and I can access it via the web or on my computer! Amazing!

I can type or copy and paste notes, record audio, take snapshots, etc to capture info I'll need to refer back to. This includes recipes from magazines or in the supermarket, addresses or phone numbers from ads or articles, title pages or covers of books, excerpts and quotes .....

I could see someone like my mom using it to remember where they parked the car. My dad would use it for business cards or good restaurants to return to.
My brother would use it for classified ads he'd want to call about later and my niece would use it in her wedding planning.

Travel info, meeting notes and other longer documents can be saved as PDF files.

We have the technology. These apps are free!

Check out this link to compare Springpad and Evernote http://bit.ly/cPGpl9

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