17 July 2010

Designer Holidays: What would yours be?

Check out this snorkeling programme! Daku Vintage Resort on Savusavu Island

If we could design a perfect program for a vacation or holiday, a programme that highlighted and explored your hobby or interest, what would it look like?

A friend of mine just went to Australia and the highlight for her was the Venom Zoo. She loves spiders. Her husband loves her. He went too. I'm thinking it was not his highlight, but love compromises.

Would you make the rounds of op shops/secondhand stores like my friend Cheryl?
Would you go to gardens, race tracks or roller coasters? How about golf courses, art galleries or a sci-fi convention?

I frequent bookstores in my travels. Some of my favourite souvenirs have been books from odd places. I write the purchase date and place in pencil on the title page. If I've got to dust something, I'd prefer it to be a book to a nic nac.

How about you? The ideal hobby focused holiday?

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