25 June 2010

Two truths & A Lie

Have you played this game?
You think of three things about yourself to share with a group of friends.

Everyone probably knows each other to varying degrees. Some will know the truth from the lie because of previous stories told. Others will have to guess based on what they know about the person's personality, characteristics or proclivities.

Two of the stories or facts shared must be true. One should be a believable lie.

The group guesses, individually or collectively, which is the lie.

Much laughter often occurs. People go away knowing each other better.

Which is my lie?

1. I won Grand Champion for baking at the Indiana State Fair when I was young.

2. Having owned both PCs & Macs, I prefer Mac computers.

3. I've talked theology & spirituality with singer Paul Simon backstage before a concert.

Which is the lie?

What are your two truths & a lie?

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