28 June 2010

Twitter via Your Reference Librarian

I'm still exploring the value of Twitter. What do people use it for other than an abbreviated and immediate form of Facebook?

I know many companies keep untouched with or gain new customers through Twitter, but what about ordinary users?

Check out what www.examiner.com has discovered!

How to use #Ask4Stuff
Try out this new service using the following tweet format:
#Ask4Stuff (keywords spaced without commas)
Example tweet: #Ask4Stuff Congaree bridge South Carolina
You will receive a tweet similar to this:

@yourusername Here is what we found for Congaree bridge South Carolina:
in #Ask4Stuff, see http://is.gd/d3WgH
The link will take you to results on WorldCat, an online library catalog.
You can include the name of your library in your tweet to find local access to the resource.

Benefits of #Ask4Stuff

Twitter users can receive convenient mobile text messages when they #Ask4Stuff. You do not need to be at a computer to find a reference. That means whether you are at work, in class, or in the grocery store, you can find a reference usually within a minute.

Most people who actually use the library catalog are over 45 or 55 years old, according to a recent OCLC Cooperative blog post. See also, "Sometimes the Internet is just not big enough for me."

Recent #Ask4Stuff tweets
Tweet: #Ask4Stuff Congaree bridge South Carolina
Reply: @savingstories: Selected items about Congaree bridge South Carolina in #Ask4Stuff, see http://is.gd/d3WgH

More replies: @savingstories: We've got you covered for Columbia South Carolina civil war in #Ask4Stuff, look here: http://is.gd/d3VtH

@savingstories Yep - we got Columbia South Carolina history in #Ask4Stuff, available at http://is.gd/d3Vj3
As libraries and Twitter users help to inform their followers about #Ask4Stuff, access to information and library usage will increase.

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